the theft of our truck

This story has a happy end, please see below for the closure of this story.



In the night of December 6, 2015 our truck, which we call 'Daisy' because she is so 
important for us, was stolen.  On that night Daisy was carrying 22 drums and a vast 
collection of drumsticks.  This was -and still is- a disaster for our group.  In fact, the 
setback is so big, that we were -and still are- in need of the support of anyone who 
has sympathy for our group to be able to rebuild Araumi Daiko.  



Recovering from this disaster will require a lot of time and a lot of money.  A lot of 
time to rebuild the drums and a lot of money to buy a new truck (and the materials 
to build new drums).  In the mean time, we need to be on the lookout for any signs 
of Daisy or our drums.  

If you want to help ...
        ... by building new drums, please contact Jona Pauwels, our 'master-carpenter'.  
        ... by making a contribution, please check our crowdfunding project
        ... by standing on the lookout in the real or digital world, please contact Lieselore Cuynen, our 'chief-researcher'.
        ... by participating in one of the many charity initiatives that are launched to collect money, please check out this page below. 


Hard work, drive and passion

will help us to rebuild the drums and Araumi Daiko again.  Many of our members participate in the drum-rebuilding-project.


The first drum bodies are getting ready !



Hard times reveal true friends 

If this saying is true, Araumi Daiko has a lot of friends !  


crowd funding project

        At the closure of our crowd funding project, we collected the dazzling amount of 5.990 euro's !
        We received donations from literly all over the world.  It is hartwarming to
        see that so many people encourage us to rebuild our group.  
        After taxes we still had enough money to buy two new small-size hira drums, one shime and three okedo's
        which we use almost daily now for the lessons in our academy.  We also bought skins and other
        materials to build new drums ourselves (see above).  







         Kaizer Drums was so kind to donate us a brand new drum ánd skins with nails for two more drums ! 









      Many fellow taiko-players and taiko-groups surprised us
      with their generous gifts.    
      Thank you very very much
         - Mr Kobayashi from Bonten (Japan)
           for the most elegant hira drum
         - Ms Eri Uchida from Kodo (Japan)
           for the shining chappa's
         - Mr Unknown for the strong shime
         - Mr Sayuri Ito from Amaterasu (Germany)
           for mighty miya





charity initiatives

charity match







We met the ladiez of DHW, a handbal team, during a deonstration last summer;  Shortly after the theft of our truck they contacted us and offered to donate the revenue of the entrance tickets for ther top game !  An extremely kind gesture for which we are very gratefull.  We expressed our gratitude by playing the taiko drums with all the energy we had and energized the ladies of DHW.  It worked: DHW won the game ! 
Het persbericht in het Nederlands vindt u hier.


Thank you DHW United !!!!!

benefit party

Some loyal Taikidoki's came up with the idea to organise a big charity party with several Japanese activities and some Belgian music bands. They contacted their friends and partners and came up with a program to animate young and old on April 23, 2016.  There was origami, calligraphy and -of course- taiko during day time and performances of Bagatel, Veloband and the Belgian Quo Band in the evening.  It was a day full of joy, laughter, dancing and drumming.   More information can be found here.


 taiko initiation marathon

Some members of Araumi Daiko sat together to think of a way to collect money to enable the purchase of a new truck.  They came up with the idea to do what we like to do so much: playing the drums ! They invited everybody to share a rythm: friends, families, neighbours, partners, colleagues, ... .  Anyone, experienced or not, played the drums and experienced its positive vibes. During the weekend of 11-12 June, 2016 we played the drums (quasi) continuously and enjoyed its joyfull and cheerfull sound with everybody.  




Thanks to all the hard work and generosity of so many people, we were able to buy a new truck !

We baptized her Adeline and welcomed her during our summer bootcamp with a big camp fire, a lot of laughter and cheerfull singing.  


The theft of Daisy was a big injustice but the amount of generosity and kindness we received makes us feel very privileged.  
We will never be able to express our gratitude to the same extend as we received gifts from all over the world and we will neither be able to recipicate in kind.  
But we can confirm that the saying 'hard times reveal true friends' is true.  There is a lot of kindness is the world, especially the taiko-world ! 

Thank you all !!